‘Baan Celadon’ or ‘The House of Celadon’ was initiated in 1989 by Khun Kanda Kanjanakorn, on a piece of land on Chiangmai – Bo sang road, which is collectively used as their https://wikiessays.com/thesis-proposal/ home, factory, and the showroom displaying magnificent products such as tableware, decorative item, gifts and souvenirs, etc. for both local visitors and foreigners worldwide who appreciate products representing Thai culture.

Staff's Baan Celadon

Staff's Baan Celadon

Staff’s Baan Celadon

Mission :

Baan Celadon is determined to carry on the traditional Thai method of Celadon production by maintaining the handmade procedures, emphasizing on the importance of painting, carving lively designs characterizing Thai arts and cultural life in order to preserve Thai traditional wisdom.

Identity / Uniqueness of the product

1. Emphatically handmade procedures.

2. The products are emerald green, crackle glazed ceramic.

3. Maintaining the traditional production procedures yet in compliance with new trends applicable to varieties of functions.

4. Emphasizing on patterns and colors representing Thai local wisdom.

5. Our products bear “Baan Celadon” Trade mark

“Baan Celadon” is the brand or trade mark of the products, which is the combination of a house, a coffee cup and different forms of vases altogether forming a elegant crown over a house, along with Lanna-styled Thai alphabets and English version underneath.

Our logo reflects good relationships between homes and way of life, cultures and traditions lab report writing of Chiangmai people, where love and care as well as happiness are prevailing owing to the nature’s perfection comprising of the Four Elements ; the Earth, the Water, the Wind and the Fire; combined with the artists’ and artisans’ knowledge and spiritual entities transforming into the society’s prosperity through their creation – the Celadon products. Baan Celadon is honored to be able to offer the best and the pride of the Thais to everyone who pays a visit to Chiangmai especially those who appreciate glazed pottery. “Baan Celadon” is precisely the place.

6. Celadon is a ceramic with difference

The products of Baan Celadon can tell you about the history, arts and culture. Instead of being produced with modern technology, our products are emphatically created with regard to artistic and cultural values. The products are developed to be unique to highly respond the demand of each customer. As based on long history of Thailand, Baan Celadon’s products can be considered as a high touch product category, and are capable to express their historical significance through the work itself, which is highly valued.